Biomass Boilers – Wood Fired Boilers

Biomass Boilers for Sale – Delivery Australia Wide

McKEECO General Engineering are your Australian leaders in Biomass Boilers. We are proud of our reputation for manufacturing and supplying durable, quality wood fired boiler systems for both home and commercial applications. Whatever your needs we will have a biomass boiler to suit. Choose from our standard range from 30kw to 2700kw, or our custom range of boilers from 2700kw to 4100kw.

We can supply biomass boilers for homes, hospitals, city councils, public swimming pools, schools, nursing homes, shopping centres, medical centres, commercial buildings, offices and more… just ask us!

DALESSANDROOur Biomass Boilers are available in a wide range of sizes including: 30kw, 45kw, 60kw, 80kw, 100kw, 130kw, 180kw, 230kw, 300kw, 400kw, 500kw, 650kw, 800kw, 950kw, 1300kw, 1650kw, 2000kw, 2700kw, 3400kw, 4100kw. Not sure what size you need for your application? No problem… simply ask us! Our friendly team are help you get the right wood fired boiler for your needs!

Biomass Boilers (also known as wood fired boilers) can be fired using renewable and clean energy sources. Depending on the fuel you use to for your boiler, you can substantially reduce your carbon emissions, compared with other less environmentally friendly energy sources. Biomass Boilers give you the opportunity to be environmentally responsible whilst maintaining control of your energy costs. Ask us now how we can help you can get a Biomass Boiler that delivers less carbon emissions whilst being energy efficient.

renewable bioenergy carbon cycle


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