Macadamia Nutcracker

Since the beginning of the Macadamia industry in the Northern Rivers, McKEECO General Engineering have been building and servicing the MKI nut cracker. Since then we have seen them installed in major processors in Australia & Overseas.
Late 2016 saw a major re-design and the birth of the MKII cracker, a smaller, simpler machine with the same capacity as the MKI.
All components are manufactured on state of the art CNC machines with the latest in tooling.

MKII Nutcracker

McKEECO MKII Nutcracker is a Single Chamber Direct Drive commercial unit designed to crack up to 450kg/hr of ungraded nut in shell, using a rotary cracking action against blades. The cracking rotor is driven by a motor gearbox combination mounted directly onto the wheel shaft. The cracking chamber is also mounted directly to the face of the heavy duty gearbox.

MKII Macadmaia Nutcracker

• Motor 0.75kW 1 Phase or 3 Phase
• Dimension 0.4m x 0.37m x 0.53m
• Weight 66 kg
• Components:
– Cracking chamber fitted with nutcracker blades
– Stainless steel delivery chute
– Drive: Motor and heavy duty gearbox

Vibrating Infeed Hopper

MKII Macadamia Nutcracker with Vibrating Infeed Hopper
MKII Macadamia Nutcracker with Vibrating Infeed Hopper

As an optional extra we can provide a semi-automated vibrating infeed hopper to suit our MKII nutcracker.

• 33Litre, 316 Stainless steel storage hopper (made in Aus.).
• Electromagnetic vibration unit (made in Germany).
• Maintenance free operation.
• Easily adapted onto the standard MKII cracker.
• Simplifies the cracking process.
• Adjustable vibration speed controller.
• Up to 450kg/h cracking capabilities.

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