Wood Pellets

100% Australian renewable energy made with sawmilling residuewood pellets 1s
from sustainable managed forests

Pellets are formed under high pressure and the natural lignin binds them together. Wood pellet 4.jpg

Why is an engineering company making wood pellets?

McKEECO General Engineering is a 3rd generation company based in Lismore NSW specialising in the design and manufacture of sawmilling equipment. It was becoming harder for some of our customers to find buyers for their sawmill residue (sawdust and offcuts). Through our research and travels we learnt that wood pellets can be created from sawmill residue and used for heating and pet litter, so we designed and manufactured a pellet mill tough enough to handle Australian Hardwood. The environmental benefits of wood pellets have also interested us and we are proud to know we have had a part in a project that has so much potential for renewable bioenergy and a more environmentally friendly option for pet litter.
We supply pellets to catteries and pet stores in North Coast NSW & South East Queensland and locally from our workshop in Industry Drive East Lismore.

Pellets and other biomass fuels can also be used for Renewable Bioenergy Solutions for Hot Air, Hot Water & Steam:DALESSANDRO

  • Shed litter
  • Sawdust
  • Wood chip
  • Grain husks
  • Fruit pips/stones
  • Shavings



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